Thursday, April 24, 2008


Jody Cranston

I am the owner of the Vancouver based Highly Successful Fitness company Powershape Personal Training. A Business I established in 1997.

Competitive background
My best WABDL sanctioned lifts are:
148lbs. Division -
Bench Press: 303lbs. Deadlift: 515lbs.
(My Best Deadlift in The 148lbs. Division is 520lbs.USPF).

165lbs. Division -
Bench Press: 330lbs. Deadlift: 590lbs.
181lbs. Division -
Bench Press: 375lbs. Deadlift: 585lbs.
- Gold Medal B.C. Winter Games: Powerlifting -

I have been featured on City TV's "Breakfast Television", Shaw TV's "The Express"(Sports Section),"The Richmond Review", "The Richmond News", "The Metro Vancouver", "The Province" and "The Vancouver Sun". I also write a Fitness Column for "Urban Trendz Magazine". Recently, I became a Co-Owner of "Oranj Dance and Fitness Spa" ( in Kelowna where I exclusively developed : "The Cast Iron Indoor Power Bootcamp" , while continuing to train 16 to 20 people a day of all fitness levels in Vancouver.


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