Monday, October 31, 2011


The following article was written by guest author Liz Davies. Important and well written articles such as this will always have a home on my Blog. Many thanks Liz, hopefully this is the first many.

Fitness is now being widely recognized as a method of treatment for those who are currently suffering from cancer. While fitness and exercise will not necessarily get rid of any cancer that is already present in the system, it is a great way to remain healthy and in shape while preventing various other forms of cancer and diseases. In fact, studies have shown that individuals who exercise for at least thirty minutes during the day are less likely to suffer from breast cancer, colon cancer, and even testicular mesothelioma. Individuals who are suffering from cancer will most likely undergo various types of treatment. Some of the most common treatment methods for cancer include radiation therapy, surgery, and even chemotherapy.

While these treatment methods can help reduce the cancer and possibly get rid of the cancer for good, some of the treatment methods can leave the patient feeling very tired and lightheaded throughout the day. Beginning a fitness routine on a daily basis can help the cancer patient to relieve some of these frustrating side effects of cancer treatments. There are several forms of exercise that can be performed by cancer patients. Before the patient begins their fitness routine, they should speak with their doctor about their condition to make sure that it is okay to exercise. Most doctors will encourage cancer patients to exercise.

When a cancer patient begins a fitness routine, they should start off with simple stretches. A simple stretch would include sitting on the floor and stretching out the legs and arms. Static stretching and passive stretching are both gentle versions of stretching that can be beneficial for cancer patients. Once the patient completes about five minutes of stretching, they should begin some aerobic exercises. Some of the best exercises for cancer patients include brisk walking, running on a treadmill, jogging, and riding a bike. The cancer patient can switch up their fitness routine and do different activities each day.

It is important to exercise but it is also important that the patient does not overdo it. A daily fitness routine of about thirty minutes will not only help the cancer patient to maintain fitness and get into shape, it will often help cancer patients on their road to recovering from cancer.Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011



Today's workout:
Bench Press - 365lbs. Double Bodyweight.
Deadlift - 555lbs. Triple plus Bodyweight.

I feel contest ready, my body weight is good (possibly a little light) and the lifts were very fast and controlled. I finished my heavy day with: Incline bench presses, shoulders and abs.

To see video of my contest lifts click here:
Bench Press.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"I have seen the future of fitness in Canada - and its Oranj..."

Oranj is a booming community based fitness, dance and yoga studio located on Lawrence Ave. in the heart of the vibrant downtown core of Kelowna BC. I am very excited/proud to be a part owner of BC's premier Fitness Studio which was started four years ago by my friends Sheila Chutskoff and Darrell Kopke.

Oranj Fitness is divided into four studio rooms to manage their four major health components: dance, yoga, indoor bootcamp and Spinning. Walk into any of these studio rooms during business hours and prepare to be amazed! The quality of the workouts, the number of enthusiastic people participating and the world class instructors are astounding. The four studio rooms are:
The Bon Jovi Room. - Mainly Dance. - From Zumba to Ballet. All of the dance classes at Oranj rate an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Extremely fun and effective.

The JT Room. - Mainly Yoga. - Ground yourself with premium yoga instructors. Oranj offers classes for all yoga levels. Build a strong foundation, strengthen your core and leave fatigued and fully regenerated. The candlelight classes are not to be missed.

The Micheal Jackson Room. - A brand new edition. Oranj is expanding! - Energy, Intensity - Fitness at its highest level! Quite simply the best spinning class you will ever attend!

The Elvis Room. - Real Trainers, Real Exercises, Real Results. - Kelowna can't/won't stop raving about the bootcamps at Oranj. The classes are packed daily. Simple: If you attend any of the bootcamps at Oranj and don't agree that it is the best bootcamp that you have EVER attended, I will personally reimburse you the drop-in fee. I could live in the Elvis Room.

Note: Due to logistics, some Yoga classes are in the Bon Jovi Room and some Dance is in the JT Room.It has been a pleasure watching Oranj grow from an idea to an empty location to the booked solid and expanding facility that it is today. Thanks to the brilliance of my friends Sheila and Darrell. Add in a new refreshment bar, beautiful upscale changing rooms, plenty of membership options and child care. Oranj is the perfect fitness experience. I have every Personal Trainers dream: a booming Fitness Studio that I am part owner of. Only, Oranj is in Kelowna and I am here in Vancouver. Oh well, I will figure it out one of these days. Until then, watch for an Oranj Fitness Studio opening one day at a location near you!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


"I have always wanted to do a blog entry with a tie-in to is my chance. The title of this entry is borrowed liberally from the 1962 number 1 smash hit Return to Sender by Elvis Presley. I use the title, with a slight change (and sense of humor), to refer to making the The 2010 Annual Top 50 List. With everything that has happened since making the 2009 List one year ago, its great to be back."

At this time last year I was just starting to recover and slowly regain the range of motion for my left arm after my operation. Repair and rehab for a complete DISTAL BICEPS TENDON RUPTURE was the order of the day. Although the surgery was a total success and recovery was going well, lifting anything heavy at that point was well into the future. I owe a huge thank you to my friend Dan Leece for all his help and the guys on the powerlifting forums for their advice on beating my (by far) worst lifting injury. During this time I learned a tremendous amount about injury, training, psychology and kinetics.

Strangely, I miss this period and wouldn't trade a moment of it, both pre and post operation.

The Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture injury, operation and rehab was educational, strength building and a lot of fun. I trained my friend Vicki Greenwood 15 minutes after the acute tendon rupture and the only work day I missed was the Friday of the operation. The other major trauma this past year: losing my friend Robert O Smtith was a whole different matter. For the past Seven years Robert O Smith, Aden Carpenter and myself barnstormed around the Pacific Northwest: competing in meets, appearing on Television, and putting up some of the best power lifts of our lives! Robert O Smith absolutely revived my Powerlifting career. Aden and I have already lifted together in December and had a great meet, I Deadlifted 257.5 Kilos / 568 lbs. and Aden Bench Pressed 70 Kilos / 154 lbs. Both lifts were of coarse dedicated to Robert O but, it will never be the same without our Mentor.

Its great to be back lifting competitively. I can't wait to see what I can do in 2011 with my post operation scar on my left arm and Robert O Smith on my side.

POST SCRIPT:, the recognized leader in the Internet world of powerlifting comes out with a yearly Top 50 list for each lift and weight category. This has quickly become the powerlifting standard of excellence because The Top 50 includes every sanctioned contest over the past year regardless of federation.

Also worth noting, The Top 50 has no age class verification, only what you weighed and what you lifted, pure statistics the way they should be. Therefore, if you have placed in the Top 50 you have ranked ahead hundreds, possibly thousands of other lifters!

( Jody Cranston / 2010 Powerlifting ).