Saturday, June 21, 2008


My Good Friend and someone I've Competed with many times, Robert O Smith set The World 65+ Bench Press Record by Lifting 562lbs. He Achieved this while Competing within The 308lbs Division in Phoenix Arizona. That's Right, Robert isn't just The Strongest 65+ Athlete in B.C. or Canada, He's The Strongest in The World! For a Full Report go to (located in my Links). This is an Incredible Achievement Robert and I look forward to Witnessing, Competing with and Reporting on many more in the years to come.
(Photo of Robert O Confronting a Future Opponent Stolen from

(Jody Cranston).

Sunday, June 8, 2008


The Undisputed Strongest Athletes at Pantheon once again moved some Big Iron on June 7th, here are The Highlights:

Bob - Did Military Presses and Power-Cleans well over 300lbs.

Jody - Deadlifted 555lbs. for a Fast Single Rep. Then Deadlifted 500lbs. 5 times for a Burn-out Set.

Scott - Inched up an Astonishing 400+lbs. Bench Press.

Ian - Deadlifted a Personal Best 365lbs. Thats an Amazing 30+lbs. Improvement after only 2 Months of Training!!!

Pete - Lifted well into The 300's and I Predict will be Deadlifting Over 400lbs. soon.

Another Great Day for The Power Crew at Pantheon! New Personal Records being set in a Competitive Atmosphere. Next Session The 1st Saturday in July Downstairs. Be There!!!

(Jody Cranston / PSL)