Saturday, September 20, 2008


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The Third Annual Pacific Open Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.
The Valley Athletic Club.
September 13th 2008.

If ever a Powerlifting Contest resembled a Pro-Sports "All Star Game", This was the Contest. The amount of Records both attempted and set and the National/World Class lifts completed, for the number of lifters was truly astounding! Go to the The World Association of Bench Pressers and Deadlifters to see all of the statistics to this Tournament and you will be amazed.

How did "The Vancouver Powerlifting Club" perform? Lets go back to when Robert, Nancy and I left from Vancouver on Friday, September 12th and find out. As always the drive to the Border and down the I-5 was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and time seemed to go by quickly. We all weighed in successfully below our weight Division limits then went to a Mexican Restaurant to replenish.

Thank goodness for "Bottomless" Nachos and Salsa! I think Nancy and I consumed chips and salsa continuously until the Main Courses arrived. Next time Robert has to bring his "A" game to the Dinner Table to keep up. After a great meal and as always, great conversation (it always a great time with Robert and Nancy) it was time to rest relax and get ready for "The Pacific Open Bench Press and Deadlift Championships".

The Vancouver Powerlifting Club reconvened the next morning for Breakfast downstairs at the Hotel at about 7:45 am. After loading up on the perfect pre-contest fuel, by mimicking everything Nancy ate, we were on our way to the contest which was about 5 minutes away.

The Contest:
The warm-up area was spacious, we used the Fitness Centre which attaches to the gym where the contest was located and gave our selves a lot of time for a "Stress Free" environment. The warm-ups went off without a hitch, on to the "Third Annual Pacific Open Bench Press and Deadlift Championships", Nancy, Robert and I are ready to lift...

Nancy Carpenter: First Place Bench Press./198 lbs. at 148 lbs. Division, 45 - 49 WABDL Women's Canadian Record. An incredible feat of strength, almost 200 lbs. Nancy is always focused, stoic and of course powerful. A 200 lbs. Bench Press and beyond is hers in the near future. This I promise. Nancy is also the Best Coach I could ever have.

Robert O Smith: First Place Bench Press./545 lbs. at 308 lbs, Division, 65+ Master Men's. To see the real story of Roberts contest go to to see his two valiant attempts at 600 lbs.on video. Robert is already the strongest Bench Presser over 65 years in the world but, astoundingly Robert seems to be just getting started. 600 lbs. will happen dramatically at the WABDL World Championships this November in Las Vegas.

Jody Cranston: First Place Bench Press./375 lbs. at 181 lbs. Division, Sub-Master WABDL Canadian Men's Record~and~First Place Deadlift/568 lbs. at 181 lbs. Division, Sub-Master Men. First, the Bench Press. I am very happy with 375 lbs., it felt fast and controlled, I know I will be able to do even more in the future. Now, the Deadlift. My final lift, 568 lbs. was solid, almost light...almost. I can't wait to try heavier in the future.

The Aftermath:
I love Statistics, especially good ones like "The Vancouver Powerlifting Club's" for this meet. But, usually the true highlights for any meet lies between the numbers, this tournament was no different. Robert and Nancy's two attempts at over 600 lbs. and 200 lbs. respectively cannot be overstated. I know my tenacious friends and teammates will break those barriers soon. The overall quality of the lifting at this contest was Phenomenal, better lifts then most Federations Nationals. As always the experience was awesome, especially with Robert and Nancy to share it with.

Post Script:
After the tournament I realized that I didn't get my Medals. I was warming up for the Deadlift when the Bench Press Awards Presentation was happening. By the time they were presenting the Deadlift Awards to my division they ran out. They are being mail to me. I told Richard Schuller,(a Multi-National Champion) no problem about the Awards, Leamon Woodley (one of the Great All Time U.S. Lifters) told me "Good Lifting". I said to Richard that means more than any Award..."It certainly does" he said, "It certainly does".

(Pictures Courtesy of Robert O Smith.)
(Jody Cranston / Events).