Thursday, December 31, 2009

THE POWERLIFTINGWATCH.COM 2009 ANNUAL TOP 50 LIST., the recognized leader in the Internet world of powerlifting comes out with a yearly Top 50 list for each lift and weight category. This has quickly become the powerlifting standard of excellence because The Top 50 includes every sanctioned contest over the past year regardless of federation.

Also worth noting, The Top 50 has no age class verification, only what you weighed and what you lifted, pure statistics the way they should be. Therefore, if you have placed in the Top 50 you have ranked ahead hundreds, possibly thousands of other lifters!

148 lbs. Division / Women's Bench Press / Nancy Carpenter - 221 lbs.
308 lbs. Division / Men's Bench Press / Robert O Smith - 578 lbs.
181 lbs. Division / Men's Deadlift / Jody Cranston - 574 lbs.

I am ecstatic to have made The 2009 Annual List and a huge congratulations to Robert O and Nancy on their tremendous lifts.

Notes: Click on Robert O Smith's name to see his splendid write up on achieving a Top 50 Placing. To see this Blog entry in Press Release form click HERE.

( Jody Cranston / Internet Media ).

Friday, December 18, 2009


UNIVISION TV: UnivisiĆ³n is a Spanish-language television network in the United States. It has the largest Latin American audience, largely due to repurposed telenovelas and other Mexican programs. It is available on cable in most of the United States, with local stations in over 50 markets with sizeable Latino populations.

"I really like living in the age of Internet Media, it is always exciting to see where or what site you might be featured on. Recently some of my videos were picked up by Univision TV. This kind of International Media recognition and exposure is always welcomed, I can't wait to see were I could possibly appear next." To see my videos on Univision click HERE.

( Jody Cranston / Media ).