Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"I have seen the future of fitness in Canada - and its Oranj..."

Oranj is a booming community based fitness, dance and yoga studio located on Lawrence Ave. in the heart of the vibrant downtown core of Kelowna BC. I am very excited/proud to be a part owner of BC's premier Fitness Studio which was started four years ago by my friends Sheila Chutskoff and Darrell Kopke.

Oranj Fitness is divided into four studio rooms to manage their four major health components: dance, yoga, indoor bootcamp and Spinning. Walk into any of these studio rooms during business hours and prepare to be amazed! The quality of the workouts, the number of enthusiastic people participating and the world class instructors are astounding. The four studio rooms are:
The Bon Jovi Room. - Mainly Dance. - From Zumba to Ballet. All of the dance classes at Oranj rate an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Extremely fun and effective.

The JT Room. - Mainly Yoga. - Ground yourself with premium yoga instructors. Oranj offers classes for all yoga levels. Build a strong foundation, strengthen your core and leave fatigued and fully regenerated. The candlelight classes are not to be missed.

The Micheal Jackson Room. - A brand new edition. Oranj is expanding! - Energy, Intensity - Fitness at its highest level! Quite simply the best spinning class you will ever attend!

The Elvis Room. - Real Trainers, Real Exercises, Real Results. - Kelowna can't/won't stop raving about the bootcamps at Oranj. The classes are packed daily. Simple: If you attend any of the bootcamps at Oranj and don't agree that it is the best bootcamp that you have EVER attended, I will personally reimburse you the drop-in fee. I could live in the Elvis Room.

Note: Due to logistics, some Yoga classes are in the Bon Jovi Room and some Dance is in the JT Room.It has been a pleasure watching Oranj grow from an idea to an empty location to the booked solid and expanding facility that it is today. Thanks to the brilliance of my friends Sheila and Darrell. Add in a new refreshment bar, beautiful upscale changing rooms, plenty of membership options and child care. Oranj is the perfect fitness experience. I have every Personal Trainers dream: a booming Fitness Studio that I am part owner of. Only, Oranj is in Kelowna and I am here in Vancouver. Oh well, I will figure it out one of these days. Until then, watch for an Oranj Fitness Studio opening one day at a location near you!

( Jody Cranston / Oranj Fitness ).