Saturday, December 13, 2008


One final Work-out for The Pantheon Strength Legion before Christmas...actually two. For the New Year there will be two, count them, two Pantheon Strength Legion Work-outs per Month. The First Saturday of every Month at 10:00 am, and the Friday before at 6:00 am. That is twice within 24 hours.

For The December Work-outs we had Four Lifters, here are the Highlights:

JODY - 365 lbs. Bench Press for one Rep., then 185 lbs. for 24 Reps.

JUSTIN - Stiff-legged Deadlifts up to 315 lbs. with a Double Overhand and as always, perfect form.

IAN - A 365 lbs Deadlift for a single, then Rep-work with 315 lbs. This was followed by Dumbbell Rows and Leg Presses.

The Pantheon Strength Legion will reconvene in February at The New Times of : The First Saturday of every Month 10:00 am and The Friday the Day before at 6:00 am. Everyone Welcome!!!

(Jody Cranston / PSL)

Friday, October 24, 2008



Recently I have been featured on these Websites. I really appreciate the support. Check them out and enjoy.

BUSCATUBE - Tu super meta buscador de videos...

WELLSPHERE - Health and Knowledge Made Personal.

KRAFTSPORT - Top Norwegian Powerlifting and Strength Sport Site.

31337VIDEO - Popular Internet Video Aggregator.


From The Richmond News, Friday October 24, 2008...

Richmond's Jody Cranston set the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters' Canadian Bench Press Record for his division at the third annual Pacific Open Powerlifting Contest in Olympia Wa.

Cranston pressed 375 pounds to win the 181 lb. division--well over double his bodyweight.

The victory qualifies him to represent Canada at WABDL World Championships in Las Vegas on Nov.22.

( Jody Cranston / Media ).


On Saturday October 18th "The Vancouver Powerlifting Club": Nancy Carpenter, Robert O Smith and Jody Cranston hit the road for another United States Powerlifting Extravaganza in Seattle Washington. Leaving at 5:30 AM and arriving at the venue by 8:30 for the weight-in the ride was smooth and with-out incident.

Here are the Statistics:

Nancy Carpenter - 200lbs. Bench Press at 148lbs. Two out of three lifts successful. Extremely strict Judging. Nancy really earned these lifts and more. Awesome Benching!!

Robert O Smith - 512lbs. Bench Press at 308lbs. Two out of three lift successful. A slight lifting of the head technicality on the second lift but, an American Record Bench Press on his third!!

Jody Cranston - 560lbs. Deadlift at 180lbs. Two out of three lifts successful, and thus the Title of this Blog Entry. Once again extremely strict Judging. All, three lifts were completed but a slight technicality on my second lift. 575lbs. and beyond will have to wait.

The Contest Awards presented were excellent. And, as always the ride home was overflowing with fun, food, and frivolity, not to mention "Rock Star" energy drinks. Robert O endorsed and Nancy recommended.

(Pictures Courtesy of Robert O Smith)
(Jody Cranston / Contests)


The Bible of our sport, Powerlifting, is a Magazine called Powerlifting USA. This Magazine sets the standards, keeps the statistics and writes the articles that virtually every Powerlifter reads to keep informed. A few months ago Powerlifting USA started a feature called "The ultimate Top 10". This ranks the Top 10 Greatest All Time Lifters for each Division. When the September/2008 Edition arrived I was both excited and nervous. Excited because I knew they were rating the 242lbs. Division. Bull Stewarts Division. A little nervous because I know, from Boxing, how subjective "Top 10 Lists" can be. Well Bull received his due. Not only was he in The Top 10 but, he was in The Top 5!!! Wow!!! Congratulations Bull on this incredible yet richly deserved honour/achievment. I will be saving this issue of Powerlifting USA for years to come.

(Photo of Champions Bull Stewart and Richard Schuller courtesy of Robert O Smith)
(Jody Cranston / Events)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


How do I describe Lea Hendrix's Powerlifting performance on October 18th in Seattle. Actually, I can't, but at least I will try. Beauty...Strength...Honour... Imagine, competing in a full Powerlifting Contest, setting State Records, having the crowd on its feet a mere 72 hours after intense Chemotherapy Treatment. I have lifted competitively since 1993 and have seen many, many awesome lifting performances but nothing will ever compare to the lifting performance I saw Lea turn in, or will continue to perform for many years to come. It is an honour to lift in the same contests as Lea and her Husband Roger. As I write this Blog entry on a cold, Grey,raining Monday morning in Downtown Vancouver the day looks a whole lot brighter knowing Lea Hendrix is my friend.

(Photo from Robert O Smith)
(Jody Cranston / Events)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


The Pantheon Strength Legion is back in a Big way! Here is the October Update. This Month due to Members busy schedules we had two Workouts, one on Friday and one on the usual Saturday(the first Saturday of the month).

Jody -Bench Press- I Benched 365lbs. for a Single, then 185lbs. for a 20 Rep. Burn-out set.
Bob -Power-Cleans- Speed work with 30 second intervals.

Ian -Deadlifts- A New Personal Record! 370lbs. I believe a 400lb. Deadlift is just around the corner.
Justin -Deadlifts- Lots of Volume. Justins Technique is virtually flawless. If anyone wants to learn how to Deadlift properly, watch Justin.

Next month, November, The Pantheon Strength Legion will Lift again. New members from Beginner to Intermediate always welcome.

(Jody Cranston / PSL)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


To view the Press Release of this Article Click HERE.

The Third Annual Pacific Open Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.
The Valley Athletic Club.
September 13th 2008.

If ever a Powerlifting Contest resembled a Pro-Sports "All Star Game", This was the Contest. The amount of Records both attempted and set and the National/World Class lifts completed, for the number of lifters was truly astounding! Go to the The World Association of Bench Pressers and Deadlifters to see all of the statistics to this Tournament and you will be amazed.

How did "The Vancouver Powerlifting Club" perform? Lets go back to when Robert, Nancy and I left from Vancouver on Friday, September 12th and find out. As always the drive to the Border and down the I-5 was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and time seemed to go by quickly. We all weighed in successfully below our weight Division limits then went to a Mexican Restaurant to replenish.

Thank goodness for "Bottomless" Nachos and Salsa! I think Nancy and I consumed chips and salsa continuously until the Main Courses arrived. Next time Robert has to bring his "A" game to the Dinner Table to keep up. After a great meal and as always, great conversation (it always a great time with Robert and Nancy) it was time to rest relax and get ready for "The Pacific Open Bench Press and Deadlift Championships".

The Vancouver Powerlifting Club reconvened the next morning for Breakfast downstairs at the Hotel at about 7:45 am. After loading up on the perfect pre-contest fuel, by mimicking everything Nancy ate, we were on our way to the contest which was about 5 minutes away.

The Contest:
The warm-up area was spacious, we used the Fitness Centre which attaches to the gym where the contest was located and gave our selves a lot of time for a "Stress Free" environment. The warm-ups went off without a hitch, on to the "Third Annual Pacific Open Bench Press and Deadlift Championships", Nancy, Robert and I are ready to lift...

Nancy Carpenter: First Place Bench Press./198 lbs. at 148 lbs. Division, 45 - 49 WABDL Women's Canadian Record. An incredible feat of strength, almost 200 lbs. Nancy is always focused, stoic and of course powerful. A 200 lbs. Bench Press and beyond is hers in the near future. This I promise. Nancy is also the Best Coach I could ever have.

Robert O Smith: First Place Bench Press./545 lbs. at 308 lbs, Division, 65+ Master Men's. To see the real story of Roberts contest go to to see his two valiant attempts at 600 lbs.on video. Robert is already the strongest Bench Presser over 65 years in the world but, astoundingly Robert seems to be just getting started. 600 lbs. will happen dramatically at the WABDL World Championships this November in Las Vegas.

Jody Cranston: First Place Bench Press./375 lbs. at 181 lbs. Division, Sub-Master WABDL Canadian Men's Record~and~First Place Deadlift/568 lbs. at 181 lbs. Division, Sub-Master Men. First, the Bench Press. I am very happy with 375 lbs., it felt fast and controlled, I know I will be able to do even more in the future. Now, the Deadlift. My final lift, 568 lbs. was solid, almost light...almost. I can't wait to try heavier in the future.

The Aftermath:
I love Statistics, especially good ones like "The Vancouver Powerlifting Club's" for this meet. But, usually the true highlights for any meet lies between the numbers, this tournament was no different. Robert and Nancy's two attempts at over 600 lbs. and 200 lbs. respectively cannot be overstated. I know my tenacious friends and teammates will break those barriers soon. The overall quality of the lifting at this contest was Phenomenal, better lifts then most Federations Nationals. As always the experience was awesome, especially with Robert and Nancy to share it with.

Post Script:
After the tournament I realized that I didn't get my Medals. I was warming up for the Deadlift when the Bench Press Awards Presentation was happening. By the time they were presenting the Deadlift Awards to my division they ran out. They are being mail to me. I told Richard Schuller,(a Multi-National Champion) no problem about the Awards, Leamon Woodley (one of the Great All Time U.S. Lifters) told me "Good Lifting". I said to Richard that means more than any Award..."It certainly does" he said, "It certainly does".

(Pictures Courtesy of Robert O Smith.)
(Jody Cranston / Events).

Friday, August 15, 2008


Don't worry about Canada's performance at The 2008 Beijing Olympics. The real Canadian Sports Story is Taila"Babycakes"Cranston accomplishing the incredible feat of 12 "Paddle-Splashes" in 10 seconds.

Although it was "Babycakes" first venture into Water Sports The Mighty Toddler stunned the capacity crowd with her unprecedented success. "Aaaba Aaaba Aaaba" she eloquently stated to Press Row moments afterward, can a Clothing Line or Product endorsements be far behind? Probably not.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Taila"Babycakes"Cranston.

(Jody Cranston / Events).

Thursday, August 14, 2008


From The Richmond News, Wednesday July 27,2004...

Richmond's Jody Cranston set a new WABDL Canadian Sub-Master Record for the Deadlift at a powerlifting meet in Tacoma, Wa. last weekend.

The 34-year-old Owner of Powershape Personal Training successfully lifted 585 lbs. at a body weight of 176 lbs. The lift also earned him the best overall trophy beating out all the other competitors at the event.

"I'm very satisfied with my training and this accomplishment", said Cranston, who has established several WABDL Canadian Records at different weight classes in his career.

"I can't wait to see what I do at my next meets."

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Someone once said:"There are only two ways to become Wealthy; Stocks and Real Estate". If you are a Great Businessman, Tenacious, and don't mind a Gamble, like my Grandpa Diamond Joe Williams, Stocks are fine. For the rest of us there is Real Estate. Here are The Four Properties that make up my Real Estate Portfolio:

1)~Port Edward~;Prince Rupert.
Lot Size: 60x100, 6,000 Sq.Ft.
So much of Investing in Northern B.C. is speculating on future Infrastructure.
Prince Rupert is a growing Port City. Guaranteed Infrastructure. Big Infrastructure.

2)~Kittimatt~;North Coast.
Lot Size: Corner Lot, 7,345 Sq.Ft.
Beautiful Coastal Area. Big Game Hunting, Fishing and all kinds of Outdoor Sports. This Property is also close to a Golf Coarse. Incredible Long-term Potential.

3)~Townhome~;Lower Mainland.
Lot Size: Strata.
3 level Townhome that faces a Park and backs onto a Court Yard. This Property has Doubled in value since it was purchased in 2004.

4)~Logan Lake~:Kamloops.
Lot Size: 59x110, 6,490 Sq.Ft.
In 2007 The Lower Mainland increased in 18% in Value. The Island 24%. The Okanagan a Whopping 28%. That's all nice and everything but, Kamloops beat them all and increased 31% in Value. This Property is close to loads of Future Development and is a few yards from Lakefront.

So there you have it, my Real Estate Portfolio...and I know what you are thinking: "I knew Jody could lift weights and run a Personal Training Business but, I didn't know that he knew so much about Investing in Real Estate". Actually, everything I learned about Investing, I learned from my Uncle and Real Estate Salesman Extraordinaire Brady Williams. I wouldn't buy or sell Real Estate with anyone else. Ever. If my Uncle doesn't believe in what you are buying, or wouldn't buy it himself, he won't sell it to you. That's right, he physically will not write up the Contract. "Buy this from another Agent, I won't sell it to you". He once told me if I ever mention Investing in Strata again, he will hang-up on me. How do you not deal with someone that honest? I have a lot of Respect for my Grandpa and my Uncle. And, I am very proud of my Real Estate Portfolio.

(Post Script).
I think my Investing days are over for a while, its time for me to play the "End Game" and finish paying everything off. The Market seems quite Volatile right now. Sales Volume in B.C. is down 40% from July 2007 to July 2008 and yet, prices are only down 1%. Then again, it looks like we are entering a "Buyers Market" and I would really like to own something on the Island....

(Jody Cranston / Business)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Jody Cranston of Canada wins 1st place in Bull Stewart's Powerlifting Meet in Seattle, WA.

(Reprinted from Monster Muscle Magazine Oct 2003).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I Statistically had my Best Deadlift Workout in over a year. 565 lbs. for 1 Rep./500 lbs. for 5 Reps. All the Volume Training that I have been doing is paying off (455 lbs. 2 Sets for Reps./405 lbs 2 Sets for Reps). I do my Volume Training wearing Runners with really thick soles and an insole on top of that. When its time to Max-out, like Today, I put on my Deadlift Slippers. When I wear these Slippers I am Slightly closer to the ground. Now, I don't have to reach down as far to lift the Bar off the ground or pull the weight up quite as far to lock-out. Amazing what a difference an inch of leverage can make...and a little hard work. I can't wait to see what I am Deadlifting/Bench Pressing next. This Programme works.

(Jody Cranston / PSL)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I would like to congratulate my Good Friend Bob Owen on his Silver Medal at "The 2008 B.C. Highland Games Championships". To place 2nd in a field of over 30 Strength Athletes is an Incredible Accomplishment. Bob is The Strongest Person that I have ever trained with: well over 600 lbs. Deadlifts for Reps.,endless Highland Games Victories, Canada's Strongest Man Television Appearances and the humility/character of a true Champion. I am Proud to have Bob Owen as my Friend.

(Jody Cranston / Events).

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Although it is Summer Time, The Pantheon Strength Legion is still going strong, both literally and figuratively.


Bob Owen - Fresh off Victory at "The 2008 B.C. Highland Games" started the session off with Heavy Power-Cleans and a 315 lbs. Push-Presses for Reps.

Jody Cranston - Jodys First Deadlift Work-Out after Winning "The Alki Beach Bench Press and Deadlift Championships" Produced a 555 lbs Deadlift for Two Reps.

Pete - Pulled an All-Time Personal Record 365 lbs. Deadlift.

Ian - Who is Training for a Half Marathon, Deadliftied 315 lbs. for Reps. A Half Marathon and Powerlifting, talk about "Cross-Training".

After "The Deadlift Extravaganza" we did a Power Circuit of Light Squats, Heavy Shrugs and Abs. Great Day! Great Work-Out!

(Jody Cranston / PSL).

Friday, July 4, 2008


The 12th Annual Alki Beach Powerlifting Championships.
(Part 2 Pictures and Postscript)
I am very Proud to call Robert O and Nancy my Friends. Part of what I enjoy the most about competing in these Contests is helping Coach, sort out equipment and give Robert O and Nancy Lift-offs on their Record Breaking Bench Presses. My Father Pat was a Great Man and a Great Sportsman, Coach and Organizer. I know when I help my Friends Robert O and Nancy lift he would be smiling...possibly even more then when I am lifting. I think I'm starting to Understand what is really important. Thanks Dad.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The 12th Annual Alki Beach Powerlifting Championships.

(Part 1 Statistics and Summary)

The Title of this Blog Entry is borrowed liberally from The 1967 Academy Award Winning Motion Picture "In The Heat Of The Night", Starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger.

THE STATISTICS: -Jody Cranston- 181lbs. Division, 1st Place./Bench Press: 370 lbs.(WABDL) Canadian Record/Deadlift: 557 lbs. Double Bodyweight+ Bench Press and a Triple Bodyweight+ Deadlift. -Robert O Smith- 308 lbs. Division, 1st Place./Bench Press: 562 lbs.(WABDL) World Record. -Nancy Carpenter- 148 lbs. Division, 1st Place/Bench Press: 192 lbs.(WABDL) Canadian Record.

THE SUMMARY: Although I have never been Excited about Lifting Outdoors in the past, and I have Lifted Outdoors, this all changed with this Contest. Thank You Robert O and Nancy for talking me into Alki, I won't miss this Contest again.

Up at 3:15 am. I pick up Robert O and Nancy by 4:20 am and we are on our way! The Ride is smooth with minimal traffic and Border line ups. We arrive at Alki Beach before 8:00 am and weigh in. You know that you are at an Outdoor Meet when Robert O has a weigh-in problem,not his weight, branches from surrounding Trees keep getting in the way of the scale. Time for Breakfast. I've always had problems with what to eat hours before lifting, not any longer. The last few Meets I've left the Menu in the hands of an Expert: Nancy Carpenter. The positive results are immediate, Today's Pre-Contest Meal: Two Poached Eggs, Toast, a shot of Espresso. Perfect. I feel ready to Lift.

~The Bench Press~ The Meet starts on time and the Lifter Flights are short. I feel extremely rushed during my Warm-ups. To add to the challenges the Bench uprights are low, this means I have to do a half lift just to get the Bench into starting position. The Beach has now gotten quite windy. Although those challenges are difficult for a Technique Lifter like myself, The Grizzled Veteran in me knows when I hit the platform it will all be different......or will it.

Time for my Opening Bench Press Attempt: 319 lbs. I have the Bench Up-rights adjusted perfectly and Robert O is my Lift-off Man, also perfect. The bar comes down slow and controlled, than shoots up fast. It feels light. I confidently get up from the Bench already thinking of my Second attempt when I get the News: Two red lights - No Lift. The two side judges said I lifted my butt, which Nancy confirms. I repeat my opener, (text-book strategy) and more determined then ever, nail it: For the Third attempt I lift 341 lbs., it seems surprisingly light.

Time to go for The Canadian WABDL Bench Press Record on my fourth and Final Attempt. 370 lbs, well over Double my Bodyweight!! The "Team" is on. Perfect words of encouragement from Nancy matched by a Perfect Lift-off from Robert O. 370 lbs. Flies up. The Lift is good, no The Lift is Perfect!!

Robert O and Nancy do incredibly well with their Record Smashing Bench Presses. Robert O once again Proves himself to be the Best 65+ year-old Bench Presser on the The Planet by Lifting 562 lbs. with Precise Judging and Technique. I gave Robert O the Lift-offs and believe me, his Lifts would easily stand in any Federation. Nancy Benches 192 lbs. for a WABDL Canadian Record. The fact that Nancy lifted that weight in the 148 lbs. division is Phenomenal. Nancy also doesn't receive any Red lights on any of her lifts. That is nine out of nine White Lights. Awesome!

~The Deadlift~ Like the Bench Press, the warm-ups for the Deadlifts I find extremely difficult, only now there is a Blazing Afternoon Sun to contend with. Being an Outdoor meet, the Deadlift warm-ups are on the grass, anything over 400 lbs. sinks deeper into the Earth! By the time the Bar is loaded to 475 lbs. I have to reach 2 inches farther down to the Bar and therefore pull 2 Inches further up, plus the weights are lopsided. Having said all that, I am really enjoying this meet. The Adverse conditions keep things exciting, interesting.

My opening attempt is 519 lbs. No problem. My second attempt is 557 lbs, seventeen pounds more then Triple my Bodyweight and The Weight flies up fast. I feel ready for more except for one thing, something has really tightened in my Glute-Hamstring Area. Nancy, who is my Deadlift Coach notices that I am limping. After discussing the injury for several minutes, and several strategies, I respect Nancy's expert advise and do not take a Third and Final Attempt (588 lbs.). It's been a Great Meet for all of us, why get injured further, possibly seriously and miss the next one. The Drive home is full of food, stories and laughter. Thank you Robert O and Nancy, this Truly was one for the Books.

(Jody Cranston / Events)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


My Good Friend and someone I've Competed with many times, Robert O Smith set The World 65+ Bench Press Record by Lifting 562lbs. He Achieved this while Competing within The 308lbs Division in Phoenix Arizona. That's Right, Robert isn't just The Strongest 65+ Athlete in B.C. or Canada, He's The Strongest in The World! For a Full Report go to (located in my Links). This is an Incredible Achievement Robert and I look forward to Witnessing, Competing with and Reporting on many more in the years to come.
(Photo of Robert O Confronting a Future Opponent Stolen from

(Jody Cranston).

Sunday, June 8, 2008


The Undisputed Strongest Athletes at Pantheon once again moved some Big Iron on June 7th, here are The Highlights:

Bob - Did Military Presses and Power-Cleans well over 300lbs.

Jody - Deadlifted 555lbs. for a Fast Single Rep. Then Deadlifted 500lbs. 5 times for a Burn-out Set.

Scott - Inched up an Astonishing 400+lbs. Bench Press.

Ian - Deadlifted a Personal Best 365lbs. Thats an Amazing 30+lbs. Improvement after only 2 Months of Training!!!

Pete - Lifted well into The 300's and I Predict will be Deadlifting Over 400lbs. soon.

Another Great Day for The Power Crew at Pantheon! New Personal Records being set in a Competitive Atmosphere. Next Session The 1st Saturday in July Downstairs. Be There!!!

(Jody Cranston / PSL)

Friday, May 30, 2008


The Strength World was stunned as Taila "Baby Cakes" Cranston performed an awesome feat of Power: Deadlifting the back end of a "Dora The Explorer" Grande Piano with a Double Overhand Hook Grip. The Mighty-Mite excitedly exclaimed to the anxiously awaiting Press"Gabba Gee Gee Ya Ya"! This looks like just the beginning for "Baby Cakes". More to follow.

(Jody Cranston / Events)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Let me tell you about my Bussiest Day of the week-WEDNESDAY!
Personal Training for 14 hours, will I find time to eat, rest or train myself ? Lets find out.

Here is the Timeline:


6:00 - Chris
6:30 - Heather
7:00 - Sylvia, Nancy and Gail
8:00 - Scott
9:00 - Dawn and Vicki
10:00 - Jon
10:30 - Elka
11:00 - Quick Snack
11:30 - Ed
12:00 - Jeff
12:30 - Andy
1:30 - Lynn
2:00 - Gary
2:30 - Canace
3:30 - Ralph
4:00 - Phil and Wendy (The Brilliant Minds That Created This Blog).

4:30 - Pete - I really feel like Training, so I work in with my Client Pete. We hit Deadlifts hard.
Pete works up to 3 1/2 plates and I Deadlift 555lbs. (well over Triple my Bodyweight)!
I then Deadlift 500lbs. for 5 Reps. Wash up quick then back to work.

5:30 - Clarise
6:00 - Stephanie and Elizebeth
6:45 - Darell
7:30 - Paperwork for 1/2 an hour - DONE!!!!

24 Clients, over Triple Bodyweight Deadlift and I Celebrate all the way home!!!

The rest of my week is extremely Busy too but, there is something about Wednesday.
(Pictures from The Genius Mind and Camera of Robert O Smith.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The first monthly work-out of the Pantheon Strength Legion was an overwhelming success with almost 10 powerful athletes showing up for the strength challenge. Here are some of the deadlift highlights.

Bob - Opened the session with an effortless 605 lbs triple. Incredible especially considering this was after an hour of power cleans.

Jody - Deadlifted 550 lbs (over 3x bodyweight) for a fast double.

Scott - Pulled an easy 500 lbs and looked very powerful well into the mid 500's.

Ian - Deadlifted 3 plates for 3 reps for 3 strong sets.

Albert - Lifted close to 300 lbs, then pulled 225 lbs for an iron-willed 12 reps!

Pete - Who's previous best was 335 lbs lifted 350 lbs for a triple!! That's just the type of day this was. New records, awesome atmosphere!!

Justin - Deadlifted a fast 455 lbs, then closed the show with a jaw dropping 405 lbs for 10 reps!!

The Pantheon Strength Legion trains the first Saturday of every month at 1:00PM downstairs at the PAC.

(Jody Cranston / PSL).

Hardcore Training!

Jody Cranston hardcore training! 555lbs deadlift and 345lbs benchpress at 172lbs body weight.

Deadlifting 400lbs 20 Times!

Jody Cranston's deadlift performance at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Center where he deadlifts 400lbs twenty times! (175lbs bodyweight).

2007 WABDL Washington State Championships

Robert O. Smith writes about my record setting bench press of 366lbs or double bodyweight lift on September 15, 2007.

My Pal. Jody Cranston benched a GREAT 366, double bodyweight lift, for a WABDL Canadian National record ! he lifted off in the bench for me all day, and then Deadlifted at the end of a very long day! ---plus he made the 5 hour drive home !! -- we had help from Starbucks Double espressos, and very loud 50's Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis tunes on the road home!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Express Features Powerlifting

Jody Cranston, Robert O Smith, and Nancy Carpenter are profiled on "The Express".

Cranston Sets New Powerlifting Standard

Richmond's Jody Cranston pressed twice his weight to earn top marks

From the Richmond Review...

Cranston sets new powerlifting standard
Richmond's Jody Cranston set a WABDL Canadian Bench Press powerlifting record last weekend in Olympia, Washington .

The personal trainer pressed 358 pounds (twice his bodyweight) to earn first-place honours in his [181]-pound weight class.

Cranston was also victorious in the dead-lift portion of the tournament which qualifies him for the world championship to be held in Reno, Nevada this November.

Jody Cranston Sets Record at Great Northern Event in 2006

WABDL Great Northern Bench Press and Deadlift Championship, Olympia, WA, 2006. Jody Cranston dead lifts 562lbs at a weight of 175lbs or 3 times his body weight.
Here he is bench pressing over 2 times body weight setting WABDL Bench Press Record 368lbs at 175lbs body weight.

Centennial Theatre Pumps Up The Volume

From the North Shore News, Sunday March 26, 2006...
A brush with Fame: Centennial Theatre pumps up the volume with bodybuilding event

Jody Cranston is ready to lift until his legs bleed and his eyes pop out.

Of course he's exaggerating a bit, but the Canadian powerlifting record holder is set to grin and bear it when he tries to set a new powerlifting record at Fame West -- a figure, fitness, model and bodybuilding competition that comes to North Vancouver's Centennial Theatre April 1.

For the third consecutive year, the body beautiful has its prime showcase event here on the North Shore. Cranston, who has been powerlifting since 1993, will be one of the show's special performances. There's no question that

Cranston knows what he's doing, with past personal bests that include deadlifting a barbell weighing 520 pounds at a 144-lb body weight and 590 lbs at a 164-lb body weight. At the show, Cranston will be attempting to do as many repetitions as possible lifting a 500-lb weight. Last fall, Cranston successfully did 20 reps of 400 lb. ...

Click on the pictures to the right to see the full article.

Jody Makes Cover of UrbanTrendz

Jody Makes the Friday September 2/05 cover of UrbanTrendz.

Fame West 2006

Nancy Lockington, of Purely Natural Fitness, writes about my successful effort to deadlift 500lbs 9 times at Fame West, April 2006.
We had the pleasure of witnessing our Guest Performer, Jody Cranston's incredible strength by deadlifting 500lbs...9 times. A first time feat for Jody, and an excellent one at that!!

The entertainment continued when WNSO's 1st World Pro Fitness Champion, Ocean Bloom energizing the stage with her award winning routine. A true Pro in action!!!

I would like to thank the WNSO/FAME staff Chris Batista and Shannon Lucier for joining us in Vancouver to help provide a "top-notch" show.

In addition, the team of volunteers where definite an asset to the event and we couldn't have done it without them...thanks guys!!!

Thanks Nancy!

Jody Cranston Deadlifts 585lbs in Tacoma 2004

Jody deadlifting 585lbs in Tacoma 2004...