Friday, August 15, 2008


Don't worry about Canada's performance at The 2008 Beijing Olympics. The real Canadian Sports Story is Taila"Babycakes"Cranston accomplishing the incredible feat of 12 "Paddle-Splashes" in 10 seconds.

Although it was "Babycakes" first venture into Water Sports The Mighty Toddler stunned the capacity crowd with her unprecedented success. "Aaaba Aaaba Aaaba" she eloquently stated to Press Row moments afterward, can a Clothing Line or Product endorsements be far behind? Probably not.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Taila"Babycakes"Cranston.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


From The Richmond News, Wednesday July 27,2004...

Richmond's Jody Cranston set a new WABDL Canadian Sub-Master Record for the Deadlift at a powerlifting meet in Tacoma, Wa. last weekend.

The 34-year-old Owner of Powershape Personal Training successfully lifted 585 lbs. at a body weight of 176 lbs. The lift also earned him the best overall trophy beating out all the other competitors at the event.

"I'm very satisfied with my training and this accomplishment", said Cranston, who has established several WABDL Canadian Records at different weight classes in his career.

"I can't wait to see what I do at my next meets."

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Someone once said:"There are only two ways to become Wealthy; Stocks and Real Estate". If you are a Great Businessman, Tenacious, and don't mind a Gamble, like my Grandpa Diamond Joe Williams, Stocks are fine. For the rest of us there is Real Estate. Here are The Four Properties that make up my Real Estate Portfolio:

1)~Port Edward~;Prince Rupert.
Lot Size: 60x100, 6,000 Sq.Ft.
So much of Investing in Northern B.C. is speculating on future Infrastructure.
Prince Rupert is a growing Port City. Guaranteed Infrastructure. Big Infrastructure.

2)~Kittimatt~;North Coast.
Lot Size: Corner Lot, 7,345 Sq.Ft.
Beautiful Coastal Area. Big Game Hunting, Fishing and all kinds of Outdoor Sports. This Property is also close to a Golf Coarse. Incredible Long-term Potential.

3)~Townhome~;Lower Mainland.
Lot Size: Strata.
3 level Townhome that faces a Park and backs onto a Court Yard. This Property has Doubled in value since it was purchased in 2004.

4)~Logan Lake~:Kamloops.
Lot Size: 59x110, 6,490 Sq.Ft.
In 2007 The Lower Mainland increased in 18% in Value. The Island 24%. The Okanagan a Whopping 28%. That's all nice and everything but, Kamloops beat them all and increased 31% in Value. This Property is close to loads of Future Development and is a few yards from Lakefront.

So there you have it, my Real Estate Portfolio...and I know what you are thinking: "I knew Jody could lift weights and run a Personal Training Business but, I didn't know that he knew so much about Investing in Real Estate". Actually, everything I learned about Investing, I learned from my Uncle and Real Estate Salesman Extraordinaire Brady Williams. I wouldn't buy or sell Real Estate with anyone else. Ever. If my Uncle doesn't believe in what you are buying, or wouldn't buy it himself, he won't sell it to you. That's right, he physically will not write up the Contract. "Buy this from another Agent, I won't sell it to you". He once told me if I ever mention Investing in Strata again, he will hang-up on me. How do you not deal with someone that honest? I have a lot of Respect for my Grandpa and my Uncle. And, I am very proud of my Real Estate Portfolio.

(Post Script).
I think my Investing days are over for a while, its time for me to play the "End Game" and finish paying everything off. The Market seems quite Volatile right now. Sales Volume in B.C. is down 40% from July 2007 to July 2008 and yet, prices are only down 1%. Then again, it looks like we are entering a "Buyers Market" and I would really like to own something on the Island....

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