Friday, May 30, 2008


The Strength World was stunned as Taila "Baby Cakes" Cranston performed an awesome feat of Power: Deadlifting the back end of a "Dora The Explorer" Grande Piano with a Double Overhand Hook Grip. The Mighty-Mite excitedly exclaimed to the anxiously awaiting Press"Gabba Gee Gee Ya Ya"! This looks like just the beginning for "Baby Cakes". More to follow.

(Jody Cranston / Events)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Let me tell you about my Bussiest Day of the week-WEDNESDAY!
Personal Training for 14 hours, will I find time to eat, rest or train myself ? Lets find out.

Here is the Timeline:


6:00 - Chris
6:30 - Heather
7:00 - Sylvia, Nancy and Gail
8:00 - Scott
9:00 - Dawn and Vicki
10:00 - Jon
10:30 - Elka
11:00 - Quick Snack
11:30 - Ed
12:00 - Jeff
12:30 - Andy
1:30 - Lynn
2:00 - Gary
2:30 - Canace
3:30 - Ralph
4:00 - Phil and Wendy (The Brilliant Minds That Created This Blog).

4:30 - Pete - I really feel like Training, so I work in with my Client Pete. We hit Deadlifts hard.
Pete works up to 3 1/2 plates and I Deadlift 555lbs. (well over Triple my Bodyweight)!
I then Deadlift 500lbs. for 5 Reps. Wash up quick then back to work.

5:30 - Clarise
6:00 - Stephanie and Elizebeth
6:45 - Darell
7:30 - Paperwork for 1/2 an hour - DONE!!!!

24 Clients, over Triple Bodyweight Deadlift and I Celebrate all the way home!!!

The rest of my week is extremely Busy too but, there is something about Wednesday.
(Pictures from The Genius Mind and Camera of Robert O Smith.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The first monthly work-out of the Pantheon Strength Legion was an overwhelming success with almost 10 powerful athletes showing up for the strength challenge. Here are some of the deadlift highlights.

Bob - Opened the session with an effortless 605 lbs triple. Incredible especially considering this was after an hour of power cleans.

Jody - Deadlifted 550 lbs (over 3x bodyweight) for a fast double.

Scott - Pulled an easy 500 lbs and looked very powerful well into the mid 500's.

Ian - Deadlifted 3 plates for 3 reps for 3 strong sets.

Albert - Lifted close to 300 lbs, then pulled 225 lbs for an iron-willed 12 reps!

Pete - Who's previous best was 335 lbs lifted 350 lbs for a triple!! That's just the type of day this was. New records, awesome atmosphere!!

Justin - Deadlifted a fast 455 lbs, then closed the show with a jaw dropping 405 lbs for 10 reps!!

The Pantheon Strength Legion trains the first Saturday of every month at 1:00PM downstairs at the PAC.

(Jody Cranston / PSL).

Hardcore Training!

Jody Cranston hardcore training! 555lbs deadlift and 345lbs benchpress at 172lbs body weight.

Deadlifting 400lbs 20 Times!

Jody Cranston's deadlift performance at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Center where he deadlifts 400lbs twenty times! (175lbs bodyweight).

2007 WABDL Washington State Championships

Robert O. Smith writes about my record setting bench press of 366lbs or double bodyweight lift on September 15, 2007.

My Pal. Jody Cranston benched a GREAT 366, double bodyweight lift, for a WABDL Canadian National record ! he lifted off in the bench for me all day, and then Deadlifted at the end of a very long day! ---plus he made the 5 hour drive home !! -- we had help from Starbucks Double espressos, and very loud 50's Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis tunes on the road home!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Express Features Powerlifting

Jody Cranston, Robert O Smith, and Nancy Carpenter are profiled on "The Express".

Cranston Sets New Powerlifting Standard

Richmond's Jody Cranston pressed twice his weight to earn top marks

From the Richmond Review...

Cranston sets new powerlifting standard
Richmond's Jody Cranston set a WABDL Canadian Bench Press powerlifting record last weekend in Olympia, Washington .

The personal trainer pressed 358 pounds (twice his bodyweight) to earn first-place honours in his [181]-pound weight class.

Cranston was also victorious in the dead-lift portion of the tournament which qualifies him for the world championship to be held in Reno, Nevada this November.

Jody Cranston Sets Record at Great Northern Event in 2006

WABDL Great Northern Bench Press and Deadlift Championship, Olympia, WA, 2006. Jody Cranston dead lifts 562lbs at a weight of 175lbs or 3 times his body weight.
Here he is bench pressing over 2 times body weight setting WABDL Bench Press Record 368lbs at 175lbs body weight.

Centennial Theatre Pumps Up The Volume

From the North Shore News, Sunday March 26, 2006...
A brush with Fame: Centennial Theatre pumps up the volume with bodybuilding event

Jody Cranston is ready to lift until his legs bleed and his eyes pop out.

Of course he's exaggerating a bit, but the Canadian powerlifting record holder is set to grin and bear it when he tries to set a new powerlifting record at Fame West -- a figure, fitness, model and bodybuilding competition that comes to North Vancouver's Centennial Theatre April 1.

For the third consecutive year, the body beautiful has its prime showcase event here on the North Shore. Cranston, who has been powerlifting since 1993, will be one of the show's special performances. There's no question that

Cranston knows what he's doing, with past personal bests that include deadlifting a barbell weighing 520 pounds at a 144-lb body weight and 590 lbs at a 164-lb body weight. At the show, Cranston will be attempting to do as many repetitions as possible lifting a 500-lb weight. Last fall, Cranston successfully did 20 reps of 400 lb. ...

Click on the pictures to the right to see the full article.

Jody Makes Cover of UrbanTrendz

Jody Makes the Friday September 2/05 cover of UrbanTrendz.

Fame West 2006

Nancy Lockington, of Purely Natural Fitness, writes about my successful effort to deadlift 500lbs 9 times at Fame West, April 2006.
We had the pleasure of witnessing our Guest Performer, Jody Cranston's incredible strength by deadlifting 500lbs...9 times. A first time feat for Jody, and an excellent one at that!!

The entertainment continued when WNSO's 1st World Pro Fitness Champion, Ocean Bloom energizing the stage with her award winning routine. A true Pro in action!!!

I would like to thank the WNSO/FAME staff Chris Batista and Shannon Lucier for joining us in Vancouver to help provide a "top-notch" show.

In addition, the team of volunteers where definite an asset to the event and we couldn't have done it without them...thanks guys!!!

Thanks Nancy!

Jody Cranston Deadlifts 585lbs in Tacoma 2004

Jody deadlifting 585lbs in Tacoma 2004...

Monday, May 19, 2008