Friday, October 24, 2008



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From The Richmond News, Friday October 24, 2008...

Richmond's Jody Cranston set the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters' Canadian Bench Press Record for his division at the third annual Pacific Open Powerlifting Contest in Olympia Wa.

Cranston pressed 375 pounds to win the 181 lb. division--well over double his bodyweight.

The victory qualifies him to represent Canada at WABDL World Championships in Las Vegas on Nov.22.

( Jody Cranston / Media ).


On Saturday October 18th "The Vancouver Powerlifting Club": Nancy Carpenter, Robert O Smith and Jody Cranston hit the road for another United States Powerlifting Extravaganza in Seattle Washington. Leaving at 5:30 AM and arriving at the venue by 8:30 for the weight-in the ride was smooth and with-out incident.

Here are the Statistics:

Nancy Carpenter - 200lbs. Bench Press at 148lbs. Two out of three lifts successful. Extremely strict Judging. Nancy really earned these lifts and more. Awesome Benching!!

Robert O Smith - 512lbs. Bench Press at 308lbs. Two out of three lift successful. A slight lifting of the head technicality on the second lift but, an American Record Bench Press on his third!!

Jody Cranston - 560lbs. Deadlift at 180lbs. Two out of three lifts successful, and thus the Title of this Blog Entry. Once again extremely strict Judging. All, three lifts were completed but a slight technicality on my second lift. 575lbs. and beyond will have to wait.

The Contest Awards presented were excellent. And, as always the ride home was overflowing with fun, food, and frivolity, not to mention "Rock Star" energy drinks. Robert O endorsed and Nancy recommended.

(Pictures Courtesy of Robert O Smith)
(Jody Cranston / Contests)


The Bible of our sport, Powerlifting, is a Magazine called Powerlifting USA. This Magazine sets the standards, keeps the statistics and writes the articles that virtually every Powerlifter reads to keep informed. A few months ago Powerlifting USA started a feature called "The ultimate Top 10". This ranks the Top 10 Greatest All Time Lifters for each Division. When the September/2008 Edition arrived I was both excited and nervous. Excited because I knew they were rating the 242lbs. Division. Bull Stewarts Division. A little nervous because I know, from Boxing, how subjective "Top 10 Lists" can be. Well Bull received his due. Not only was he in The Top 10 but, he was in The Top 5!!! Wow!!! Congratulations Bull on this incredible yet richly deserved honour/achievment. I will be saving this issue of Powerlifting USA for years to come.

(Photo of Champions Bull Stewart and Richard Schuller courtesy of Robert O Smith)
(Jody Cranston / Events)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


How do I describe Lea Hendrix's Powerlifting performance on October 18th in Seattle. Actually, I can't, but at least I will try. Beauty...Strength...Honour... Imagine, competing in a full Powerlifting Contest, setting State Records, having the crowd on its feet a mere 72 hours after intense Chemotherapy Treatment. I have lifted competitively since 1993 and have seen many, many awesome lifting performances but nothing will ever compare to the lifting performance I saw Lea turn in, or will continue to perform for many years to come. It is an honour to lift in the same contests as Lea and her Husband Roger. As I write this Blog entry on a cold, Grey,raining Monday morning in Downtown Vancouver the day looks a whole lot brighter knowing Lea Hendrix is my friend.

(Photo from Robert O Smith)
(Jody Cranston / Events)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


The Pantheon Strength Legion is back in a Big way! Here is the October Update. This Month due to Members busy schedules we had two Workouts, one on Friday and one on the usual Saturday(the first Saturday of the month).

Jody -Bench Press- I Benched 365lbs. for a Single, then 185lbs. for a 20 Rep. Burn-out set.
Bob -Power-Cleans- Speed work with 30 second intervals.

Ian -Deadlifts- A New Personal Record! 370lbs. I believe a 400lb. Deadlift is just around the corner.
Justin -Deadlifts- Lots of Volume. Justins Technique is virtually flawless. If anyone wants to learn how to Deadlift properly, watch Justin.

Next month, November, The Pantheon Strength Legion will Lift again. New members from Beginner to Intermediate always welcome.

(Jody Cranston / PSL)